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For the first 40 years of my life, I followed my father’s advice...It was a simple formula:

Good Grades + Big Stable Company + Hard Work x Years = Results + Rewards + Security + Retirement

I executed the plan religiously for years… until my father passed away unexpectedly. In that instant, I was thrust into the role of managing my mother’s financial future.

You may have heard the adage Nothing ever happens TO us. It happens FOR us.

This synchronistic event began my new path.

My father’s passing placed me directly in the world of finance, investments, and retirement planning. I quickly discovered that the financial industry was rigged – and NOT in our favor. And it was challenging to find a good source of information about the options available without being sold a product you didn’t understand.

It became crystal clear to me that the traditional Wall Street investment strategies would never give my mother the peace of mind she longed for - and deserved. Thus began my lifelong pursuit of identifying and sharing reliable, smart, savvy financial solutions.

People called me crazy, but I wasn’t interested in high risk models or in paying the big fees associated with the traditional stock market. (I thought they were crazy for assuming all that risk!)

My metamorphosis from student to teacher continued in the form of a new opportunity as a manager for a national insurance company focused on retirement planning. I’m committed to lifelong learning about concepts and strategies that contribute to your financial Freedom Day and have been given the opportunity to teach these principals in classrooms across the country and now in on-line education courses.

Since opening our doors in 1998, I’ve not only uncovered the secrets of successful wealth building; I’ve developed a proprietary approach to financial freedom. Whether you are starting with a couple hundred dollars or millions, our approach can work for you!

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