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Twenty-six (26) years of living the corporate “dream” as a career sales and marketing executive in medical capital equipment led me to realize I was a P.O.W. – a Prisoner Of Work.

Overwhelm, exhaustion, stress, and deadlines loomed large until I woke up one day and realized there had to be something more for me. A place in the world where I could use my talents and passions to design my future - AND still have time to play!

In 2003, I met my husband Jeff. In witnessing his success, I recognized my own shortcomings. While professionally I was known as The Finance Diva, made my companies millions of dollars year after year, always landing at the top in sales for my company, I had a dirty little secret. I couldn’t tell you anything about my own money or investments! Worse yet, I was not creating permanent wealth, nor was I financially independent from my company.

That all quickly changed when Jeff and I started dating (thank God!). Today, I am fiercely committed to guiding those who want to learn about their money and their money mindset so they can create their financial freedom day sooner rather than later. I am living proof that it is never too late to start!

Because I transitioned from Corporate America to Entrepreneur, I understand the unique challenges that come along with making money from your passion and expanding your mind to build a healthy “Wealth Esteem”. I became a CeFT® (Certified Financial Transitionist®) through The Sudden Money Institute to further expand my knowledge and solutions for those going through financial transition. After all, as my mentor Susan Bradley, Founder of The Sudden Money Institute says “When life changes, money changes. And when money changes, life changes.”

Judi Snyder, CeFT®, CPRC

Certified Financial Transition and Professional Retirement Coaching Services

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