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Our Super Power Is...

Creating Certainty for Your Retirement

At HomeStretch Financial, we know that money matters can keep you up at night. Whether you struggle with the stress of paying bills or saving for the future or investment overwhelm, we’re committed to supporting you in CREATING YOUR RETIREMENT PAYCHECK – starting today!

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Meet Judi Snyder

26 years of living the corporate “dream” as a career sales and marketing executive in medical capital equipment led me to realize I was a P.O.W. – a prisoner of work.

Overwhelm, exhaustion, stress, and deadlines loomed large until I woke up one day and realized there had to be something more for me. A place in the world where I could use my talents and passions to design my future - AND still have time to play!

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Meet Jeff Snyder

For the first 40 years of my life, I followed my father’s advice...It was a simple formula:

Good Grades + Big Stable Company + Hard Work x Years = Recognition + Rewards + Security + Retirement

I executed the plan religiously for years… until my father passed away unexpectedly. In that instant, I was thrust into the role of managing my mother’s financial future...

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Meet Sean Snyder

Whether it was coaching the newest sales recruit to find a way to sell the coolest vintage guitar to Joe
Walsh from the Eagles or getting in the trenches of the sales floor himself and helping a fellow musician
build the recording studio of their dreams, Sean now helps clients achieve their goals and dreams which
makes their financial life sing!

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Our Super Power is Creating Certainty for Your Retirement

Make Your Money Work for You

"We believe everyone has gifts from God and can use their gifts to have a positive impact in the world. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to create the positive impact you desire when you’re worried about paying your bills. At HomeStretch Financial, we know you work hard for your money. Let us help you make your money work hard for you!"

~Jeff & Judi
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