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You are counting the days and the dollars to your BIG FREEDOM DAY...
the day you "retire"

The truth is most of us never really retire, we just move on to the second act.

  • Will I continue to work?
  • Will I outlive my money?
  • Will I Netflix and binge?
  • Will my job friends fade away?
  • Will I be able to improve my quality of life?
  • Will I be able to enjoy these extra years?
  • Will our money last?
  • Will our loved ones be taken care of upon our "heavenly departure"?
I Want To Choose a Life I Love

It's About More Than The Money!
But Money Is Important!

The 5 Elements You Absolutely Need Addressed BEFORE you get there so you can have the life you choose, a life you love

What if there was a blueprint that will help guide you through the five elements to a fulfilling and financially certain life after “livelihood”.

We may live as many years in retirement as we did working in our jobs! Who would have thought that living longer would present some new challenges?

We wonder who we will become without our 40+ hour a week job? Will I continue to work? Will I start a new gig with my hobby? Will I volunteer? Will I golf 40 hours a week? Will I Netflix binge 14 hours a day and eat myself into obesity?

We worry about our declining health and natural aging limitations and how we can improve our quality of life so we can enjoy these extra years.

We are surprised by our feelings when all of the sudden we are with our spouse or partner 24/7. We are disappointed when we find out that when we leave our jobs often our “job” friends drift away. 

We are uncertain that the money we saved may not last through our golden years. 

We are concerned about making sure our loved ones are financially and emotionally “taken care of” upon our heavenly departure.



Becoming Retired ish,


Inside the covers of this retirement-changing book you will learn how to:

  • Determine your internal spiritual values and how they guide most every decision you make so you can use them to your advantage.

  • Replace or redefine your “purpose” in the life you are choosing not “should-ing”.

  • Address your changing health and wellness needs so you can feel your best and have the energy to do the things you dreamed of doing your whole life.

  • Maintain and develop healthy relationships that lift you up not drain you like a vampire.

  • Understand your most important “ROI”, Reliability of Income, and the tools that ensure your retirement paycheck so you can have certainty that you’ll never outlive your money.

  • Provide comfort and peace for our loved ones after we are gone with a system that eliminates the burden of making important decisions during “grief brain”.

I Am Choosing A Life I Love

Meet The Author

Judi spent the first twenty-seven years of her working life as a highly compensated medical sales executive and arrived at one startling conclusion: Corporate Life Was Unfulfilling! In 2004, she successfully transitioned from employee to entrepreneur in financial services.

Because of her own journey, Judi understands the unique challenges that accompany creating a new identity and purpose and has worked to develop the tools to assist you in transforming your life. She became a CeFT (Certified Financial Transitionist) to develop the expertise and solutions to address the financial challenges of transition.

Additionally, Judi has a certification as a CPRC (Certified Professional Retirement Coach), addressing the non-financial aspects of retirement. Her academic and experiential background enable Judi to bring together in one coach both the financial and emotional components critical for a joyful and successful retirement.

Judi loves anything that includes the beach with friends and a good glass of wine.

Is there really a bad beach or bad glass of wine? 🍷

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Retired ish

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In Becoming Retiredish, A Guide for the Nearly or Newly Retired, Judi Snyder addresses the dilemma that many baby boomers are facing today. What's next after retirement? The adjustment from who you were professionally to who you are after you retire can be a bumpy road. In her words, "Becoming Retiredish is about continuing the journey on your terms."  From choosing your associations, including laughter in your life to understanding the dramatic impact that your finances have on your happiness in your later years, the book is thought-provoking and insightful.

Sharon Lechter CGMA
Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women
Co-author of Exit Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Three Feet From Gold, Outwitting the Devil, Success and Something Greater

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